Do you think you could beat my dog in a race? However you like it, old school carriage pulling style or human vs. dog foot face. That is the essence of walkjoring. But to explain walkjoring, since it is a new word, we have to lay the groundwork for what those words mean. Out of those two works, which do you know? It’s probably joring right? lol yeah that was my guess too. Joring is basically :a winter sport in which a person wearing skis is drawn over snow or ice (as by a horse or vehicle)” (https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/skijoring). So I decided to add an also at the end of vehicle and that was the word dog.

So the first step of walkjoring is that you need a dog because if you don’t have one then you’re just wandering around aimlessly. So get yourself a dog and then you’re going to need to teach a few things first like where to go potty and stuff but the basics then you can put them on a leash and go for a walk. And that’s basically it lol you’re walkjoring!

I literally do not need to explain it any further. Walkjoring is literally just walking your dog.


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