My Goals

I’ve read that goals are necessary to achieving a stable path in life and to put things into perspective. That is the main purpose of this page: to list goals I would like to achieve. I hope to complete all my goals before I die but I will not regret it if I cannot because we are only given one life to live and we must make the best of it. My goals will be categorized into short term goals, medium term goals, and long term goals. I hope that after looking at my list of goals, you will create a list of your own.

“The primary cause of success in life is the ability to set and achieve goals. That’s why the people who do not have goals are doomed forever to work for those who do. You either work to achieve your own goals or you work to achieve someone else’s goals.” – Brian Tracy

Short Term Goals (2-5 years):

  • Complete an MBA Program
  • Learn how to Kiteboard
  • Finish a Triathlon
  • Visit Dave Ramsey in Tennessee
  • Learn to read and write Vietnamese
  • Travel back to Vietnam with my family
  • Travel to Europe
  • Make a $250 charitable contribution
  • Make this website self-sustaining
  • Spend time in a NE state during the autumn/fall
  • Finish P90X
  • Travel across the United States
  • Win a Turner Staff Award
  • Have Net Worth of $250k before age 31
  • Earn a 6 figure income
  • Lead an FPU class
  • Pay cash for a car
    • Completed 1/2/17 – Bought a BMW for $4k
  • Travel to South America
    • Completed 8/18/17 – Went to Bogota, Colombia
  • Become Debt Free
    • Completed 2/5/16 – Paid off $80k in 11 months
  • Graduate from Oregon State University with a Bachelors of Science in Construction Engineering Management 
    • (Completed: Class of 2012)
  • Become a Project Engineer
    • Worked as a project engineer on previous project (completed 3/15)
  • Pass the Fundamentals of Engineering exam
    •  Re-test on April 13, 2013
    • (Completed: June 7, 2013)
  • Become a LEED AP
    • (Completed: November 12, 2012. Score: 184/170.)
  • Learn to drive a manual transmission automobile
    • (Completed September 2014 when I bought my S200)

Medium Term Goals (5-15 years) Updated 1/2/18:

  • Learn how to sail
  • Reach the summit of a mountain
  • Help my parents pay off their house
  • Make a $1,000 charitable donation
  • Become a project manager (if still working in the construction industry)
  • Purchase a rental unit with cash
  • Attend a World Cup tournament
  • Fully fund Alexis college fund
  • Become a active mentor
  • Learn to play the piano
  • Write a published article
  • Get a patent approved
  • Work as an ex-patriot
  • Travel to Asia other than Vietnam
  • Max contributions in Roth IRA and 401(k)
    • 25% max contribution in 401(k) on 3/11/16, maxing Roth IRA since 2010

Long Term Goals (15+ years) Updated 1/2/18:

  • Pay college costs for all of my children
  • Spend 6 months traveling the world in a cruise ship
  • Start my own company
  • If I haven’t started my own company, I want to be in a C-Suite position or VP for my respective company
  • Write a book
  • Become financially independent
  • Have a net worth of over $5 million before 60
  • Still keep in contact with my high school/college friends
  • Build my dream house
  • Create a scholarship fund
  • Donate $10,000 to charity
  • Patent an invention

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