My Wedding Vows to Beth 10/10/20

My dearest yobo, I love you very much and I hope that I can convey to you on our beautiful wedding day in words how you make me feel every day. 

Over these past several years together, I have grown to love you more and more each day and you continue to blow me away with all of your amazing attributes. I’m so lucky to get the privilege of waking up every morning to your gorgeous eyes that shows the vast deepness of your soul, your beautiful freckles that shine with the glow of a thousand splendid suns, and your smile that expresses the kindness of your heart.

Your kindness is one of the things I love the most about you because of all of the small and big things you do for your loved ones. When poor Olly passed away and we had a burial for her where you included her favorite gifts and then you beautifully sang her a song that melted my heart – it showed how much love you can give and I’m truly blessed to receive it.

I love how strong-willed, smart, and ambitious you are. When you have your eyes set on something, I believe with all my heart that you will achieve it and I’m grateful to be your partner to help you reach your goals. You will never have to do anything alone. Whether it’s becoming a shareholder at Geffen Mesher or trying to bathe our crazy dog, I will forever be your +1.

So, you always say that I forget every song’s lyrics but I promise that I won’t forget these following lyrics to the soundtrack of our life together.

I promise to always be the number 1 fan of your career. I’m so proud of how you’ve grown as a professional over these past few years with your promotion to audit manager and then being the driving force behind Forward Slash. I love talking about your amazing accomplishments to everyone I know and I vow to always go to any business event with you where I’ll only occasionally wear my Crocs.

I promise that I won’t ever let us go to bed angry because I believe there isn’t anything we can’t talk through with enough time, late night coffee, midnight snacks, and depending on how big the argument is maybe the occasional snuggle or two.

I promise to continue and develop our self-created love language which comes in the form of words like yobo and batch, randomly dancing and hugging while we make dinner, and singing all kinds of songs and replacing the words with different names for Carp and Brooklyn Bandito. I love that we can be weird together but not too weird, just the right amount where others might think we’re crazy but we definitely know we’re not crazy… right?

I promise that I will continue to date you. I love our Friday date nights where we can unwind with some nice food, good wine, and then go to our personal make-shift spa at home. I will keep buying you flowers not because it’s a special day but because it’s a Wednesday and I felt like you needed flowers.

I promise to take care of you through the peaks of good health and through the valleys of sickness. You’ll always have someone at your side when you’re vulnerable and you’ll never have to worry if you’re inconvincining me with your requests because we are one and I can’t be healthy if you’re not healthy. 

I love you with all of my being and even though I keep buying lottery tickets at 7-11 and we talk about what we would do if we ever won, I know that I’ve already won the biggest jackpot by getting to be your husband.

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