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Hello World!

Why kind of crazy interwebs rabbit hole were you traveling through to get to this website?!? Either way, stay a while and listen (+1 if you get that reference).

In this blog you’ll find my ramblings, sometimes coherent and many times incoherent, about my journey through this wonderful life and the experiences I’ve been grateful enough to smell, feel, see, and live through. I write this blog because I’ve always enjoyed writing and it’s a great mental outlet to put your thoughts on “paper” and sometimes it feels like letting a bird fly free. Hopefully the bird doesn’t instantly get eaten by a hawk or a troll.

The lens of my life is through a person who is a Vietnamese-American refugee joining the USA at 3 years old, a first generation graduate from OSU for undergrad and PSU for graduate, a father of an amazingly awesome lady, a lover of a crazy doggo and me-meow, and an enamored husband to my CPA rockstar wife.

I’m a big fan of rom-com’s, fate, and serendipity – you have made it to this page for a reason and hopefully you enjoy your short stay here!

Don’t forget to call your parents once in awhile!

Warm Wishes,

– Khang N.

Brooklyn (doggo) and Carpenter (memeow)

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