Green Roofing 479: Oregon Stonecrop and other sedums

You want to put mother eff’ing PLANTS on top of your ROOF??? You cray.

Yeah, that’s what I constantly heard when we talked about green roofs but sometimes you gotta look at the science and see if it’s an overall add or a delta and depending on your perspective and research, you pick the one that confirms with all your values, and of course the codes lol

First I had to build the foundation which was basically 2×6’s on those preformed rhombus-prism concrete looking things. Then the flooring was just 1/2″ green plywood and then I started the framing which was regular 2×4’s @ 16″. Then the part that you came for… THE GREEN ROOF!!

I might have both over-engineered and over-worked the green roof like I went through and made sure there was absolutely nothing sticking up. Like I sanded the whole damn plywood sheathing. After that, I put on filter fabric for further protection of the pond liner and used permanent weather tape to seal it all together. Onwards, I put on the 20 mil ponder liner and cut a hole and waterproofed for the downspout (this was extremely stressful lol). I then added on a layer of 1″ washable HVAC air filters as my drainage layer. My thought was that it will allow for the same capillary action that a typical commercial drain mat would have. The next step was to put on another layer of filter fabric to act as a root barrier and also to keep the soil mix from clogging up the drainage layer. After that I carried up buckets of the planting mix which was 75% perlite and 25% potting soil. Lastly, I planted the roof with as many species of sedums and stonecrops that I could. I believe I bought the entire stock of Oregon stonecrop at Portland Nursery lol

The TriForest


Do you think you could beat my dog in a race? However you like it, old school carriage pulling style or human vs. dog foot face. That is the essence of walkjoring. But to explain walkjoring, since it is a new word, we have to lay the groundwork for what those words mean. Out of those two works, which do you know? It’s probably joring right? lol yeah that was my guess too. Joring is basically :a winter sport in which a person wearing skis is drawn over snow or ice (as by a horse or vehicle)” ( So I decided to add an also at the end of vehicle and that was the word dog.

So the first step of walkjoring is that you need a dog because if you don’t have one then you’re just wandering around aimlessly. So get yourself a dog and then you’re going to need to teach a few things first like where to go potty and stuff but the basics then you can put them on a leash and go for a walk. And that’s basically it lol you’re walkjoring!

I literally do not need to explain it any further. Walkjoring is literally just walking your dog.