Future Career Developments

Tomorrow we have a meeting where meeting is mandatory and it has caused people at Intel to start throwing suspicions everywhere and I have gotten a little whirled up into their speculations. The rumor mills are spitting out that we got a new project, we didn’t get our new contract signed, there will be restructuring, and there might a massive lay-off. Apparently there is usually a description that accompanies these meetings but this time, there isn’t any and that has lead to the staff questioning the true intent of the meeting. I’m not sure if this mild chaos was planned or if there was no way around it because the manager needed to keep the information confidential until he has permission to release it. Either way we will all know at 3:00 PM tomorrow about what our future at Intel will entail.

I’m not panicking too much because it’s all speculation at this point, but I always fear the “first in, first out” rule. I know that Turner hires people for a career and they won’t let anybody go without doing their best to find them some work. This is why I have faith in them and the reason they have lasted over a century in a very competitive business; you must be able to adapt to your surrounding environments and if the information is bad news, then I’m sure we can adapt.

And if the worst case scenario happens and I’m laid off, then I will promptly start trying to find a job somewhere else in the construction industry. It’s definitely a scenario that I don’t want to pane out, but the world is not about survival of the fittest but survival of the ones who are most adaptive to change. I can’t doing anything now except wait for 3:00 PM Thursday when I know what will happen.

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